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She Freedom

A place for all peoples to speak freely...

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For waaay too long, we have been biting our tongues, stuffing our emotions, and NOT telling it like it is. 

Why? Because we want to be liked, loved, and accepted. We don't want to be abandoned, rejected, or ostracized from our tribe, co-workers, lovers, or family. 

When we don't speak our truth, everybody loses and we end up hating ourselves as a result. 

We miss out on the intimacy and connection that is possible when we share the truth of our hearts. 

We live lives of quiet desperation as we do our best to live up to the expectations of others.

It's exhausting, life-draining, and a waste of the glorious truth of us. 

She Freedom Manifesto


We are not victims, haters, man-bashers, or #metoo-ers. 
We are not whiners, complainers, blamers, or shamers. 
We are not dishrags, doormats, or pushovers.
We don’t want your sympathy, you’re hand-outs, or your pity. 
We are not feminists, nationalists, or extremists.
We are not property.
We belong to no man, no country, no religion, and no party. 
We are not defined by our positions, possessions, children, or relationships. 
We are not victims of our circumstances, nor are we are defined by our past 
or what has happened to us.
We are sovereign beings that have been through the fires of life and have emerged victorious. 
We have allowed our challenges to make us stronger, not weaker. 
We have learned from our mistakes and no longer make the same ones twice. 
We have learned there is strength in our vulnerability, 
to ask for what we want, 
and speak our truth instead of letting it die inside of us. 
We have learned that broken hearts can just as easily become open hearts
and that loyalty and trust are an inside job.
We are accountable for our actions, responsible for our own happiness 
and we can manage our lives. 
We are Self-made: 
we do our inner work, make conscious choices, establish firm boundaries and exercise discernment. 
We tell it like it is and take no shit. 
We love and appreciate good men, encourage them to be great fathers, and support their efforts.
We don’t blame men for our problems, shame them for their behavior, or emasculate them in any way. 
We are conscious creators, magical creatures, and sensuous beings.
We are empowered women, we are wild, we are brave and we are FREE.
©Laurie Frazier

She Freedom is a Movement

The mission of She Freedom is to liberate and expand the consciousness of Sovereign Souls. To free you from all imprisonment, and reignite within you the inherent power of your Infinite Being.

She Freedom is a movement of human liberation. Each of us exists to advance the growth and expansion of our Soul.  That is simply impossible if we are not free. Freedom is, therefore, life’s highest possible pursuit.  Some think the purpose of life is happiness.  It is not.  Happiness is a natural byproduct of being free. Joy is the truth of your being, only once you are free. And we are/exist that we may have joy and have it more abundantly—through our freedom.

This is much more profound than the political freedom we mistakenly think we enjoy as Americans or sovereign citizens. We can live in a “free” country, yet be prisoners of our own minds. We can have rights, and still be perpetually imprisoned by our thoughts, limiting beliefs, heavy emotions and unresolved grievances. We live trapped by our lack of health and well-being, education, and financial abundance.  We exist caged by the antiquated dogma to which we willingly surrender ourselves, though often brainwashed from birth to do so.

She Freedom means, quite simply, that YOU are the boss of you.  That means taking 100% ownership and accountability for your life. That means being the designer, architect and builder of your one, wild and precious life. That means seeing all that is too small for the grand Being that you are—and letting it go. That means seeing all the areas that you have ceded your power, consciously and unconsciously, and reclaiming it for your transformation. That means knowing you a Sovereign Being, with all the rights and privileges that you deserve…and what that even means.

What does it mean to be Sovereign? Within that concept we find the word “reign,” which means to rule and refers to a supreme leader or monarch. It implies the power to act independently, without outside interference. In how many areas of your life is this the case?  Even when you think you are acting ‘without interference,’ your thoughts and actions and are often fraught with the programming of other’s opinions and dogma—be it parents, religions, government, media, peers, etc.

But how? Imagine life as a canvas, spotless and clean when you are born, that becomes darkened over time.  Dimmed with every negative experience that you can’t process and heavy emotion that you can’t digest. Clouded with debilitating negative self-talk, limiting religious programming, and all our shaming and blaming. That’s heavy. That’s restraining. That’s slavery. To be free we must clear our canvas of all that weighs us down. And in so doing we will restore a clean and clear canvas from which to build and create our amazing Sovereign life. A life of our own conscious choosing that we will absolutely love because we custom designed it for ourSelves.

We each know what is best for ourSelves. The reason we feel we don’t is because we are lazy and have not created enough self-inquiry in our lives to know who we are. We’ve been asleep at the wheel of our own lives. We have abdicated the throne of our own kingdom, to those we feel “know better.” Who knows better than you about what is best for your life? Your parents? Religion or god of choice? Your wife, husband, friends or partners? Your children? Your government? Your doctor? The media? Instagram?  If you have given them that power, wake the fuck up. Take it back. It belongs to you.

Their truth may not be yours. It can feel much easier to let somebody else take the wheel and make all of your choices for you. You are then free to blame somebody else if things don’t go the way you want, and from the work of actually figuring out your own truth. What a huge payoff!  You never have to take accountability for yourself or your actions and choices. If your mom told you how to live your life, or your husband, or god, etc., then however it turns out, is not your fault. #Winning—but is it really?

This is the crux of She Freedom. Sovereignty over your own life. 100% accountability & 0% victim mentality. No one to blame, no one to shame, it’s all you. (Newsflash: it always has been.)  Do you want to rule the world and be free? Do you want to ‘reign supreme’ over your own life, which is the only world that matters?  Time to take your power back and assume your throne!

Possible side-effects include: liberation, an empowered life, and true happiness.  Enter at your own risk. It’s not for the faint of heart. Time to put your big-girl pants on. I believe in you. Let She Freedom be your guide. In the words of Ram Das, “We are all just walking each other home.” There is another way. You are your own Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.

~laurie frazier

If you are desperate to speak your truth, literally sick and tired of biting your tongue, and want to learn how to love yourself & create more healthy relationships

by speaking up...



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