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For waaay too long, we have been biting our tongues, stuffing our emotions, and NOT telling it like it is. 

Why? Because we want to be liked, loved, and accepted. We don't want to be abandoned, rejected, or ostracized from our tribe, co-workers, lovers, or family. 

When we don't speak our truth, everybody loses and we end up hating ourselves as a result. 

We miss out on the intimacy and connection that is possible when we share the truth of our hearts. 

We live lives of quiet desperation as we do our best to live up to the expectations of others.

It's exhausting, life-draining, and a waste of the glorious truth of us. 

She Freedom Manifesto


We are not victims, haters, man-bashers, or #metoo-ers. 
We are not whiners, complainers, blamers, or shamers. 
We are not dishrags, doormats, or pushovers.
We don’t want your sympathy, you’re hand-outs, or your pity. 
We are not feminists, nationalists, or extremists.
We are not property.
We belong to no man, no country, no religion, and no party. 
We are not defined by our positions, possessions, children, or relationships. 
We are not victims of our circumstances, nor are we are defined by our past 
or what has happened to us.
We are sovereign beings that have been through the fires of life and have emerged victorious. 
We have allowed our challenges to make us stronger, not weaker. 
We have learned from our mistakes and no longer make the same ones twice. 
We have learned there is strength in our vulnerability, 
 to ask for what we want, 
and speak our truth instead of letting it die inside of us. 
We have learned that broken hearts can just as easily become open hearts
and that loyalty and trust are an inside job.
We are accountable for our actions, responsible for our own happiness 
and we can manage our lives. 
We are Self-made: 
we do our inner work, make conscious choices, establish firm boundaries and exercise discernment. 
We tell it like it is and take no shit. 
We love and appreciate good men, encourage them to be great fathers, and support their efforts.
We don’t blame men for our problems, shame them for their behavior, or emasculate them in any way. 
We are conscious creators, magical creatures, and sensuous beings.
We are empowered women, we are wild, we are brave and we are FREE.
©Laurie Frazier

If you are desperate to speak your truth, literally sick and tired of biting your tongue, and want to learn how to love yourself & create more healthy relationships

by speaking up...



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