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Welcome to the Beautiful Series! 

This series of books is a culmination of 40 years

of spiritual study in which I will outline

how the path of awakening & enlightenment

follows the path of the Sun.

Each book contains the psychological processes

of each season along with the esoteric, mythology,

astrology & magic of each turn of the wheel. 

The first book, Beautiful Darkness-

A Journey through the Shadows to Emotional Freedom

will be out in 2022, & the others will follow in succeeding years.

I have been teaching workshops,

holding on-line 12 week courses & facilitating retreats

on these Four Seasons for over a decade.

They are finally coming into print

& will be accessible for all. 

The result of following these processes

will lead you to a more conscious,

masterful & purposeful life.

A life of alignment with your personality & your soul

& an abundance of peace, passion & prosperity. 

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The Path of Empowerment & Awakening 

Follows the Path of the Sun & the Seasons

We all go through different seasons of our lives.

 Sometimes it's a dark night of the Soul where we recognize our own shadow, and vow to make a transformation.

There are times we experience periods of solitude where we question our existence, purpose & who we really are and dream a new dream into existence.

Other times feel like new, more authentic beginnings

are sprouting up all around us, having let go

of artifice and what no longer is serving our expansion.

When we are most fortunate, we find ourSelves stepping into our power, expressing ourSelves on new levels and

being all we were created capable of BE-ing.

In these challenging moments of deep change, it's helpful to have a guide.

I'd be honored to be that for you.

Email: or text: (801)915-0905 

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