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Time to Shine

Well, Hello Beautiful!

You've been doing your deep inner-work, honing your craft, and are ready to share your gifts with the world. You are beginning to feel a deep sense of purpose, why you are here and are ready to serve. You know what's important to you, what you're passionate about, and feel a greater sense of confidence than you've ever felt. You've been through the process of individuation, eliminated all that is no longer authentic to you, and feel more like your true Self. This is the season where you step into your power and become all that you were created capable of Be-ing. It's not your final destination, but you're more familiar now with the process of becoming .

If you're ready to dive even deeper and get more clarity on what this new world may look like playing a bigger game, contact me. 

Step Four


A Journey of Becoming

The privilege of a lifetime
is to become who you truly are.
~Carl Jung


  • Are you able to shed your armor and become vulnerable?

  • Can you freely offer yourSelf and others compassion? 

  • Can you find your inner-Light and keep it lit?

  • Are you able to embrace yourSelf for all you have been through and become? 

  • Can you build your life on a foundation of warmth and nurturance?

  • Can you share that warmth unabashedly with others?

  • Do you find it easy to forgive? 

  • Can you accept what is with grace?


  • Are you aligned with your Soul purpose? 

  • Can you step into heart-centered leadership? 

  • Are you shining your brightest Light?

  • Are you in love with your life and your work in the world?

  • Do you lose all sense of time when engaged in your craft? 

  • Do you find joy in sharing your gifts & talents with others? 

  • Are you able to express yourSelf with creativity & confidence?

  • Does inspiration seem to flow through your pores? 


  • Do you live to share your wisdom with the world? 

  • Are you being a contribution to your family & community? 

  • Are you experiencing inner-peace as a result of being true to yourSelf and sharing your gifts with humanity? 

  • Do you feel a sense of oneness with humanity that makes compassion effortless? 

  • Are you flowing Divine love into the world through your work?

  • Are you in love with life & unburdened by service?  

©Laurie Frazier All Rights Reserved 2018
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