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Hey there :) I'm laurie, aka the Maven. That's my office, fave books behind me and my readers.Don't let these flowers and pretty colors here fool you. I'm not a "feel good"coach. We'll get there, but I'll probably kick your ass first. And you will thank me for it.


I've been at this personal development, spiritual ascension, self-accountability thing for over 4 DECADES. All day, everyday. I've got the degrees, taken the classes, and more importantly, I've done and continue to do the work.


I've created a clear space and container over here so that when you bring your issues, I'm not seeing through some filtered, dirty lens, or a one size fits all perspective. Over my many years of seeking, I developed some mad skills. One of them is discernment. I "see" people...I can hear what your heart is saying even if your mouth is telling me something else. I also hear what you don't say and what you're leaving out. I like to think of myself as the "heart-whisperer".


I see my job as a guide to your inner most Self. One of my specialties is seeing all the things you've swept under the rug—the things you hide, don't want to talk about, and hope nobody will see. Those are exactly the things that are in your way and have you playing small and not living the life you know is possible.


That's where I like to start—with your Beautiful Darkness. I'll be your midwife to help you deliver and birth the most glorious, authentic version of yourSelf—that's the one. I see you. And you will too when we're done. You ready?


Text me to schedule a free 20min consultation to see if we are a match. Let's chat!

Many Blessings on Your Path,



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