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The Descent into Darkness

The Fall Equinox marks the beginning of our descent into darkness in the Northern Hemisphere which culminates at the darkest day of the year on the Winter Solstice.

This is akin to our own inner journey into our shadows/subconscious and the dark night of the Soul. The ancient mystery schools taught that if we aspire to ascend (wake-up or raise our consciousness), we must first descend (into the depths of our own darkness). 

There is no way around but through. No magic love & light wand to wave, no clutching of the rose quartz or letting go intentions made under

 the full moon will do.

No one else can do this for you...but if you need a guide, I'm here for you. The work of the shadow and the understanding, releasing, and/or integration of toxic emotions is one of my specialties.   

Step One


A Journey Through the Shadows

The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek.
~Joseph Campbell


  • What's shaped you?

  • What happened to you?

  • What have you inflicted upon others?

  • How do you handle your emotions?

  • What have you got to show for yourself? 

  • Take inventory. What's working & what isn't?


  • What are the stories you've told yourself as a result of your harvest?

  • What toxic emotions and beliefs have your stories created?

  • What masks, winning formulas & strong suits have you created to cope?

  • Where do you project, blame & deny?

  • What are you unwilling to see?


  • Learn how to feel your feelings.

  • Accept what has happened.

  • Learn to forgive yourSelf & others.

  • How can you have gratitude for all of it?

  • Learn to integrate, transmute, transform, or purge.

  • Clear your space. 

  • Let it all go.

  • Allow your past to be the fertilizer for your future.

©Laurie Frazier All Rights Reserved 2018
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