Stars, Numbers, & Archetypes

I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by the sun, moon, stars, elements, trees, flowers, rocks, and animals.

I've been a sun-worshipper my entire life. 

Along with my degree in theology  & world religions, my studies have always included astrology, numerology,

magic, and all things metaphysical.

I'm the quintessential mystic.

I live by the seasons & cycles of the moon for optimum harmony & alignment in life & love. 

I have come to understand the wandering stars as living, breathing, sentient beings with energies & frequencies all their own. They have as much influence on us

as the moon does the tides. 

I have long since been honoring these celestial entities 

and invoking their favor in my life.

It's brought a certain joy to my heart that is

enlivening  & magical.

Below are some of the things I've curated over the years that have pointed me in a 'soul-full' direction. I'd love to share them with you.~lf

Full Numerology Reading

"Omnia in numeris sita sunt."

~Everything lies veiled in numbers.

This is derived from your date of birth and your

given name on your birth certificate.

It includes your Life Path/Lesson, Soul Number,

Outer Personality & your Path of Destiny.

In other words, what you must learn, who you already are,

how others see you, and what you MUST do to be happy

and fulfill your destiny.

Super fun and crazily accurate!