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Hey there, cosmic explorers! I'm Laurie Frazier, better known as The Maven, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my celestial sanctuary.


For over four decades, my fascination with the Sun, Moon, Stars, and nature has fueled extensive spiritual exploration.

From graduating in theology and world religions from Boston College to immersing myself in Ayurvedic studies

at the esteemed Chopra Center, and delving into astrology, numerology, and mystical realms,

my journey has culminated in curating a collection of enchanting products and upcoming classes.


Among these treasures, find exquisite yoga mats, serving as gateways to celestial realms during your sacred practice and

embrace the Cup of Affirmation Mugs, designed to help you embody the archetypes of the zodiac signs and planets,

empowering you to manifest your most magical life.


All of these beautiful and magical products were born from my upcoming oracle deck, Ask The Maven, set to be unveiled in 2024.


Stay tuned for new arrivals like pillows, shower curtains, phone cases, and t-shirts, each designed to infuse your life

with beauty and magic. Keep returning to discover evolving, consciousness-raising products exclusively crafted by The Maven.

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Below are a list of upcoming books, truly my life's work—

the study and path of the Sun and its significance on our

Journey of Enlightenment.

Look for Beautiful Darkness to be released the end of  2024

The Path of Empowerment & Awakening 
Follows the Path of the Sun & the Seasons
books & classes to follow

(Fall) Beautiful Darkness
Look for
Book in
(Winter) Beautiful Silence
(Spring) Beautiful Awakening
(Summer) Beautiful Brilliance
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