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Welcome Beautiful Humans!!

Sooo happy you've landed here. 

This is my Home Page...from here you will have access to my book,

Get a Fu*king Divorce Already, 

and check out what's coming up next. 

You'll find Wee Freedom a place for conscious, patriotic parents—where you can find inspiration

& purchase t-shirts, etc

 She Freedom is under construction and is a place of empowerment for women that teaches 100% personal responsibility— where victim-mentality is non-existent. 

There's also a page where you can book a couple's or individual coaching session with me, or schedule one of my more cosmic offerings

My site is 100%
Under Construction...
take a look around—I'd love your feedback :)
If you'd like to work with me text(801)915-0905

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The Path of Empowerment & Awakening 

Follows the Path of the Sun & the Seasons