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Hey there, cosmic explorers! I'm Laurie Frazier, aka The Maven, and I'm thrilled to welcome you to my celestial sanctuary.

With over 40 years as a spiritual teacher, I’m dedicated to helping you find the sacred in the mundane, turn your routines into rituals,

and discover beauty and magic in your daily life!

I can't remember a time when I wasn't fascinated by the sun, moon, stars. I've been a sun-worshipper my entire life. 

At 22, I had a degree in Theology & World Religions from Boston College.

I later became a Chopra Certified Instructor in mediation, yoga, and Ayurveda. 

I founded a spiritual community that met twice a month for 7 years, that included a youth group. 

My studies have always included astrology, numerology, magic, and all things metaphysical.

More recently I completed a course in Archetypal Astrology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. 

I'm the quintessential mystic. I live by the seasons & cycles of the moon for optimum harmony & alignment in life & love. 

I have come to understand the wandering stars as living, breathing, sentient beings with energies & frequencies all their own. 

They have as much influence on us as the moon does the tides. 

I have long since been honoring these celestial entities and invoking their favor in my life.

It's brought a certain joy to my heart that is enlivening & magical.

My obsession with astrology and all things magical has resulted in an oracle deck, called "Ask the Maven," that will be out next year. 

Meanwhile, I've taken those beautiful designs, and turned them into enchanting products. 

Introducing our “Celestial Yoga Mats,” created to be portals to cosmic realms.

Align with our Planetary Mats to venerate and gain favor with auspicious Planetary Deities, or

choose a Zodiacal Mat to embody your most resonating archetype, enhancing your sacred yoga practice.


Set your intention with every sip, as you transform your morning tea/coffee into a mindful ritual with our “Cup of Affirmation Mugs” available in all zodiac signs and planetary energies.

Join our growing community at "Ask the Maven," where we are committed to infusing beauty, magic & wisdom wherever we go. 


Love & Star Blessings,

The Maven


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Below are a list of upcoming books, truly my life's work—

the study and path of the Sun and its significance on our

Journey of Enlightenment.

Look for Beautiful Darkness to be released the end of  2025

The Path of Empowerment & Awakening 
Follows the Path of the Sun & the Seasons
books & classes to follow

(Fall) Beautiful Darkness
Look for
Book in
(Winter) Beautiful Silence
(Spring) Beautiful Awakening
(Summer) Beautiful Brilliance
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