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Reviews for Get A F*cking Divorce Already....

"GAFDA is probably the most powerful book I have ever read on relationships. Laurie clearly and compassionately "takes no prisoners" as she demonstrates in each chapter how both men and women in relationships have betrayed themselves, played small, and destroyed their relationship—then blamed their partner for the results. Her wit, intelligence, and compelling observations all combine to awaken you gently if you are willing to be accountable (and slap you across the face if you aren't!).


I cannot emphasize enough how important Lauries book is. It should be required reading by EVERYONE who is preparing to enter a long-term relationship, wants to reality check their current relationship, and everyone who is contemplating divorce.


If I had my way, this book would be available in every marriage prep course, and on the desk of every marriage counsellor and divorce attorney in the world. No joke. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK"  ~Merrill Chandler, Author and Founder of Get Fundable

It took something as powerful and succinct and, yes, as snarky as this book to wake me up from the hell of a life I was living. This book finally gave me the permission to live the life that my heart was begging for, that deep inside I needed but didn’t feel like I could ever achieve. ~James D, 45, CEO Utah

“I just want to start off by saying my words will not give justice to this book! I have been a life long student of Laurie Frazier. She has been my role model, my life coach, my therapist, the person I turn to every time I need advice on life. Her teachings in this book have helped me navigate through terrible, toxic relationships I’ve been in as well as the most beautiful ones. 


In this book you’ll learn how to live emotionally free from all the bullshit and baggage that you and your loved ones have carried around for a lifetime. You’ll learn how to trust yourself, live authentically, and follow your heart! It’s finally given me the words and language to place on how I’ve felt about myself and my partners. Plus it will make you laugh your ass off and bring you to tears!


I will be sending this book to all my single friends, my married friends, my friends in relationships, and my friends who definitely need to GAFDA!” Hannah, 28, SLC


Don't let the title fool you. This book is fun yet so meaningful and helpful.

It covers the foundational principles that everyone needs in order to make ANY relationship work. My marriage of 32 years (now mixed faith) has worked because of these principles. These principles are grounded in the spiritual which is the essence of who we are and I love how the author incorporated that.


It's a great book for evaluating and analyzing your relationships and determining whether you can make it work or not. And if not then it gives you the tools and understanding that you need to leave it.


I especially appreciated that it gives you the knowledge, confidence and assurance to take care of the most important relationship...the one with yourself!”~Shelley


"What an incredibly, well written, book! Loved reading every single page, with humor, direct honesty, and a little bit of ”mystery,” to leave it up to you! The Author has a beautiful way of sharing thoughts... Thank you so much Laurie Frazier! You are awesome! "🙏~SMC


"Everyone should read this book regardless of relationship status. This book will empower you to be yourself and free you of negative stories holding you back." ~ Doug C, Author, Entrepreneur


“Very eye opening!!

I’m currently single, and I’m telling you…get this book!  I’ve been single, married, divorced, dating…all the above.  There is so much in this book that applied to me during every single one of those times in my life.  I wish I’d had it then.


The true message of this book really spoke to me.  It’s about FREEDOM.  Being free to be the person you are, so that your marriage (if you choose that) can actually be the marriage that YOU want, need, and deserve to be the person you were meant to be.”  Love this book!" ~Sarah Y, 31, Scottsdale


“It’s not what you think ….this book is brilliant, funny and really a guide to why relationships fail. It’s filled with wisdom and thought provoking inspection of yourself and the relationship dynamics you create. I keep going back through the chapters that really spoke to me and the lessons they taught me. I felt like the author was in the room talking to me. Fun writing style! ~Tracey R, Sr. Exec. 


“So much insight and value! LOVE it! Loved the section on how you are 100% accountable for the situation you find yourself in. So many good stories and love the writing style!”  ~Amazon Customer


“I am happily married and LOVE this book. Laurie writes with great insight, passion, thoughtfulness and humor. I can't wait to give it to everyone I know--Laurie, you hit it out of the park! My own disclaimer: Laurie and I were childhood friends and she has always possessed wisdom, strength and most certainly has always marched to the beat of her own drummer!” JLM, Tenessee


“One of my favorite chapters was ”Conscious Co-Parenting with a New Partner" Laurie has hit the nail on the head again with this one. I couldn't agree more. There are never too many people to love my child.A family only gets bigger, not smaller with divorce. What a blessing!


From the book: "I prefer to use the term “conscious co-parent” instead of step-parent.

The etymology of “step,” comes from the Old English steop which

connotes “loss” as in “to bereave or to deprive of parents” and was

associated with becoming a parent to an orphaned child. This is no

longer an accurate depiction, nor does it speak to the type of

parenting I would like to address that is more in alignment in this

new age of consciousness. In this light, the child will not be losing

anything, but gaining another adult that can model new ways of

being, learning, and living—that can share friendship, love, and

affection. Conscious co-parenting makes more sense, feels better,

and carries more responsibility."  ~Monika Zairi


"Read every word of this book! Laurie the author of this book is a miracle worker! She saved me from the effects of catching my now ex wife having multiple affairs. I have sent many people her way and she has helped everyone of them."  ~ B. Beck

I'm Single ...

I got divorced a long time ago...

But my marriage
is just fine...

I'm happily coupled...

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Hi Everybody! Thanks for checking this out. The book is done!  I've even set up an insta @getafuckingdivorcealready . This is my first time self-publishing so I'm still figuring it all out. Please help me share far and wide and leave a review on Amazon! 


This is really a great's sassy, in your face, and full of ideas to actually save your relationship. Included are all the ways people put up with being treated poorly, how your partners' infidelity is all your fault and how you can turn things around, and 7 deadly archetypes of bad relationships. Do any of these ring a bell? The Rescuer, The Dream-Thief, The Tolerator, The Punisher, The Bully/Abuser, The Control Freak, and The Caretaker & The Chronically Ill.


If you have kids, there are all kinds of ideas on how to not be a dick when it comes to custody, how to make the transition as smooth as possible for the kiddos, and why "staying for the children" is total bullshit.


While some of that may sound pretty entertaining (and at times, it is), this book is really about following your heart, doing what's right for your soul's evolution, and learning to be 100% accountable for yourSelf so you don't continue being or attracting the same asshole in your future.


If you have been miserable longer than you can remember, or just feel like it's no longer a good fit for either of you, this book will help you in getting over any shame regarding divorce, assist you in knowing what your heart is saying and in speaking that truth with courage.


If it is no longer authentic, it will no longer be sustainable.


Order your copy now...maybe get one for that friend or family member you thought of the minute you heard the title of this book.

Much love & blessings on your journey,

~laurie frazier

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